KTISMA Journal V1:I1


KTISMA Journal V1:I1


Volume I, Issue 2 is a themed issue titled 'Appropriate Interface' of KTISMA, an architecture journal published by University of Oregon School of Architecture. In this issue, LIONarchitecture partners Teismann and Vega published an article titled 'Futureless.' Futureless is a lexicon in essay form aimed at reorienting our disrupted experience with the world and beyond. Similar to the concepts of archetypes, the words that constitute this lexicon permeate through all aspects of the world around us. Releasing the constraints of both era and zeitgeist, Futureless is a gathering of timelessness that may lend itself to an alternative way of designing, constructing, and experiencing 'appropriate interface'.

Pages 78

Brook Muller | Architectures of a Beneficial Disturbance
Matt Teismann + Charles Vega | Futureless
Justin Kaden | Apotropaic Ornament
Elizabeth Fenuta | Textile as Interface
McCall Wood | Science | Architecture Interface
Jonathan Hammett Chesley + Alexandria Donati | 100 Year House
Eric-Valentin Issertes-Carbonnier | Biofaedificium

Co-Editors-in-Chief: Amanda Ingmire + Justin Kaden
Copy Editors: Scot Jahn + Jessica Yarish
Layout Editor: Josie Baldner
Outreach Coordinator: Christopher Smith
Finance Coordinator: Jessica Yarish
Web Manager: Stephen Maher
Editorial Board: Ben Bye, Haley Hupp, Maxwell Moriyama, Aiden Tart, Wes Thompson
Advisory Board: Philip Speranza, Jonathan Chesley, Kareth Whitchurch

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KTISMAjournal is an annual, double blind peer-reviewed publication produced entirely by students at the University of Oregon's School of Architecture and Allied Arts.

KTISMA’s objective is to provoke: to awaken a community of peers, colleagues, advisers, administrators, architects, designers, artists, and the myriad thinkers, innovators, and dreamers who inhabit the [meta]physical spaces of our profession.

Embracing a discourse that encourages the exchange of pragmatic and theoretical ideas, we endeavor to facilitate a larger rhetoric. KTISMA provides a focused forum about environments; how they are imagined, created, presented, interpreted and inhabited.

ktis’-mah: (n.) thing founded; thing created