Fabrications Journal V27:I1

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Fabrications Journal V27:I1


Volume 27, Issue 1 of Fabricatons Journal featuring a cover article by LIONarchitecture Principal Matthew Teismann titled, 'An Emerging International: The Imperial Gaze of the Monster Globe in 1851.' In this featured article, Teismann contends that architecture can instantiate being-in-the-world through a hidden architectural allegory that redefines our perception of the built environment. This paper contends that humans' modern conception of the world can be derived and displayed through certain types of architecture - where people come face to face with the world. During the mid-nineteenth century there was an inherent desire to visit these spectacles, a global project embedded within what Peter Sloterdijk calls an ‘architecture of immersion.’

130 Pages:

An Emerging International: The Imperial Gaze of the Monster Globe in 1851

Matthew Teismann

Re-contextualising Criticisms of Colonial Asylum Building in the Mid to Late Nineteenth Century: The Case of Lawson’s Seacliff Asylum

Rebecca McLaughlan

Politics and School Buildings: Constructing an Educational Infrastructure for Free Trade New South Wales, 1889–1891

Kirsten Orr

Australian Triumphal Arches and Settler Colonial Cultural Narratives

Jacqueline Power & Helen Norrie

Valuing “Under the House”: Women’s Knowledge and the Architectural History of the Stumped Queensland House

Cathy Keys & Wendy Steele

Space, Hope, and Brutalism: English Architecture, 1945–1975

Julia Gatley

Global Perspectives on Critical Architecture: Praxis Reloaded

Harry Margalit

India: Modern Architectures in History

Kathleen James-Chakraborty

A Far Microcosm: Building and Architecture in Van Diemen’s Land and Tasmania, 1803–1914

Deborah Malor

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Fabrications is the refereed journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand. Established in 1989, it is devoted to scholarly publication in the field of architectural history. It particularly welcomes papers on the architectural, urban and landscape history of Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and South-East Asian regions, while casting its net much further afield. The journal publishes refereed papers, academic essays and book reviews that are both concerned with these regions and papers which take a wider view of international questions or issues.

Fabrications publishes three issues each year, including themed issues. Themes change from year to year, and have recently included ‘Brutalism’, ‘Disciplinarity’, ‘Networks and Flows’, ‘In-between: Spaces for Border-thinking’ and ‘In and Across the Pacific’.