School for Burmese Refugees (2014)

Refugee: The school must inherently be flexible, adaptable, and versatile. They lack even the most basic elements of life (food/shelter) This school serves as a way to teach children how to fulfill the most basic needs of existence and beyond - and must inherently be flexible, adaptable, and versatile; can the school literally be a way to teach mankind, and the refugees, about self-sustenance? (ie. how to grow crops, etc)

What can we learn from the history of the region, and their approach to knowledge that may lend itself to a unique educational approach?

Anda: Four spheres used to describe the world in ancient Buddhist traditions in this region where“Consciousness is the one reality. Matter is not separated from consciousness, but rather identical to it. "There is no gap between God and the world. The world is not an illusion.”


Status: Unbuilt

Location: Burma/Thailand border

Design Process


Original Design