Futureless (2011)

Written by the two partners of LIONarchitecture, Futureless is a new(old) way of both thinking and talking about human's interface with place. Futureless is a lexicon in essay form aimed at reorienting our disrupted experience with the world and beyond. Similar to the concepts of archetypes, the words that constitute this lexicon permeate through all aspects of the world around is. Releasing the constraints of both era and zeitgeist, Futureless is a gathering of timelessness that may lend itself to an alternative way of designing, constructing, and experiencing 'appropriate interface'.

In the pursuit of preparing for the unknown, we are tasked to think in front of our life, to stop living here and live forward. The impetus of a future unknown has little relevance in architecture. To prepare is to fear the future; and to fear the future is to toil in the present. However, an altering of the very way architects speak about architecture affords the ability to design in a becoming manor. We aim to awaken a lexicon of architecture by setting aside language that obfuscates the true nature of architecture, leaving the remnants - the essence of architecture itself - as timeless and therefore futureless. It is our hope that a more verdant path of design is uncovered: one of looking to the past, living in the now and allowing for the future. This can be achieved by first vacating a few terms with which architecture has no concern: wall, ceiling, form, style, building, etc. To shed the weight of these formal explorations is to liberate architecture from that future which is arriving most imminently. We do not offer canons to obey; instead, what follows is a partial offering of a new(old) lexicon for architecture.

Futureless was published in the University of Oregon's School of Architecture Journal, KTISMA - Issue 2: Appropriate Interface on June 1st, 2012.


Status: Built