BadSeed House @ Urbavore Farm (2012-14)

The BadSeed House @ Urbavore Farm is an 800 s.f. house for a family of three, submerged into the earth, on a 15 acre site. Designed as a clock of the rotation and revolution of the earth, the house is based around the ritual of the farmer, and of light. Future plans for the project also includes a semi-attached greenhouse and detached barn.  

At the center of the house is the farmer’s hearth: the kitchen. Branching off from the kitchen are the angled walls that are aligned with sunrise and sunset on critical dates throughout the year: including the beginning and end of harvest season, and the summer and winter solstices. 

Expected Construction Completion: Fall 2014

Status: Under Construction

Location: Kansas City, MO, US

Design Process

Construction Photos [July 8, 2014]

Construction Photos [Feb 11, 2014]